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The Foam of Days

Four lifelong friends, 'Shiny’ (Elegant), ‘Brute’, ‘Philo' (Philosopher), and last but not least - ‘Nutty’, on account he's a bit crazy,  have been best friends since childhood.  They've always been there for each other and they have each other's back, forever. Their friendship tested to breaking point by tragedy and time, this lads are brothers, true locals of the neighbourhood of Casablanca, their field of dreams, just across the bay from Old Havana.

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In search of adventure, a young boy organizes an expedition to El Legionario, a remote store which sells candy at a certain time of day. On the journey the characters come across a strange town and face obstacles placed in their way by some of the powerful residents. However, the children’s fascination with Rodrigo, the bizarre owner of El Legionario and the store itself changes everything...

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El Regreso

Detective Patricia goes back to her hometown to find the rapist behind a fifteen year old cold case.

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¿Por qué lloran mis amigas?

Cuatro amigas se encuentran después de veinte años sin verse. El recuento de sus vidas les impone a cada una retos futuros que están dispuestas a afrontar juntas.  

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