Eduardo Flores Torres

A cinematographer with more than 20 years commitment to the craft, Eduardo has collaborated in more than 30 feature films and documentaries as well as over 300 music videos and TV commercials.

Higlights of his work include as camera operator, in ‘SPECTRE’ the last JAMES BOND 007 film, under director Sam Mendes and Cinematographer DP Hoyte Van Hoytema FSF, NSC, to being a frequent collaborator of networks such as the Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel. Most noteworthy is the resent documentary TEOTIHAUCAN, that aired in the National Geographic channel last year to great reviews.

More recently Eduardo work as Director of Photography on the Mexican/Dominican co-production ‘SOLO RESPIRA’, shot  in Santo Domingo, and alongside award winning spanish Director  Director Fernando González Sitges on the documentary ‘HERNÁN CORTÉS, un hombre entre diós y el diablo’  a Mexican-Spanish co-production.


Projects involving Eduardo Flores Torres

Fidel Up Close

There is probably no other protagonist of the 20th century who has been as much talked about and as studied as Fidel Castro and FIDEL UP CLOSE is already being lauded as "the definitive documentary on Fidel Castro".

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