Kreesha Turner

Singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and burgeoning producer, Kreesha Turner is truly the embodiment of the multi-talented, multi-culturally, versatile artist of today.

2008 marked the year everything came together as Kreesha released her debut album Passion, which yielded the Platinum single “Don’t Call Me Baby” earning her Juno Award nominations for Best New Artist and Pop Album of the Year.  All up, Kreesha has been nominated for the Juno Award (Canadian Grammy) six times, attracting the attention of and becoming a favoured ‘go-to’ collaborator to numerous mainstream recording music artists such as Shaggy on “Reggae Dancer”,  Kymani Marley (Bob Marley’s son) on “Champagne Dreams”, Collie Buddz, Sultan & Shepard and more recently in her recent performance with the prestigious Soweto Jazz Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa in June of 2018.

Kreesha has also more recently invested energy and attention in the world of film & television, both in front and behind the camera. She played her first major role in the theatrically released “King of the Dancehall”, featuring Busta Rhymes, Whoopie Goldberg, Louis Gossett, Jr., and Peter Stormair, with Directed by Nick Cannon (her former music manager), which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and was officially released on YouTube RED in August of 2017.  And coming up in 2020 you will be able to see Kreesha as lead in the pilot for upcoming TV show “The Appeal”, shot in Toronto, Canada.

Behind the camera, Kreesha has broadened her artistic vision as Executive Producer on “Fidel Up Close” an intimate behind the scenes feature documentary with a unique perspective on the controversial life of Fidel Castro from those closest to him. Also acting as Executive Producer for television with “The Line Up” currently shooting the pilot episode.   Finally, Kreesha can be seen next year as the lead in the pilot “The Appeal”, shot in Toronto, Canada and due out in 2019.

Looking beyond the world of Film, TV, and Music, Kreesha has expanded her brand and power as a digital influencer.  A true public figure, Kreesha is verified on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Her more than 500,000 followers on Instagram, regularly engage to hear her weekly show, “#kreefacts” where Kreesha lets down her hair, literally, and shares her love for all things culture.  She has partnered with brands such as Puma, Make Up Forever, As I am Hair, Pretty Little Things, Skinceuticals, and others to share all of her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips.  Ms. Turner is undoubtedly suited for every aspect of modern day entertainment, possessing not only the talent and looks, but also the power and influence of a superstar, regardless the medium.  

When not expanding her trailblazing presence in every facet of entertainment, Kreesha considers herself an amateur anthropologist enjoying the research and exploration of cultures and societies from all around the world.  She believes in organic and natural beauty and is a strong advocate for women everywhere to walk through life as their most authentic and natural self.  Follow Kreesha’s journey on Instagram: @kreeshaturner or at

Projects involving Kreesha Turner

Fidel Up Close

There is probably no other protagonist of the 20th century who has been as much talked about and as studied as Fidel Castro and FIDEL UP CLOSE is already being lauded as "the definitive documentary on Fidel Castro".

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Effa Manley crossed her legs, looked inside the baseball stadium, and saw freedom! Men underestimated her. Women felt intimidated. Yet, as this story on her life shows, Effa Manley - a female maverick in the world of Negro League Baseball, and the first woman inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame - took her vision far beyond the baseball stadium.

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Our Mary in Havana

Mary McCarthy fell in love with the people of Cuba. Hers is a story that bears witness to the complicated history of a country and the unchanging spirit of a dedicated soul who failed in the literal sense, but succeeded metaphorically in her goal of outliving Castro. A 'riches to rags' story of an interloper who becomes the denizen. 

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The Ladies of Laurel Canyon

Four women reunite after 45 years, all lightning rods of the sixties LA music scene. Looking back they find that their lives are still inextricably linked. A heart-worn account of success, failure, love, loss and tragedy set in Laurel Canyon. by Alan Duthie 

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