Paolo Consorti

Paolo Consorti is an Italian Director from San Benedetto del Tronto. He graduated from the Macerata Academy of Fine Arts and begun his artistic career creating works that combined traditional pictorial practices with filmed and electronic media. He stages his debut solo visual art exhibition at the Palazzo Ducale of Urbino. In 2008 Paolo  is featured as one of Italy’s most promising young artists in the “Top Flash Art 100” list.  

A calling to filmmaking is clear early on in his career, as he moves to collaborate on various films  working alongside Oscar winner Sergej Fëdorovič Bondarčuk. In 2012 he Directs his first feature film “Il Sole Dei Cattivi” (The Sun of the Wicked), starring Nino Frassica and Luca Lionello. The following year Paolo Directs his  second feature “Figli di Maam” (The Children of Maam), starring  Luca Lionello, Franco Nero and Alessandro Haber, opening as a 'Special Screening' at the Sofia International Film Festival.  In 2018 Paolo helms Cuban-Italian Co-Production Havana Kyrie - set for release in October 2019. 

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Demo Reel

Figli di Maam - Trailer
Il Sole Dei Cattivi - Trailer
Provini "Il bagno di venere"
Valentino con Ghiaccio - Trailer

Projects involving Paolo Consorti

Havana Kyrie

Rossini: Cuban style. A lost man finds passion once again in Cuba, aided by music and the son he's never met.

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